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Continuum of Care

Clients completing treatment with us are placed in a comprehensive continuum of care plan. This plan includes aftercare, accountability and monitoring for safe and effective outcomes.

Inpatient Detoxification

We provide sub-acute drug detoxification services in our licensed and supervised program. Detox is the first step in approaching recovery, and we make this process as effective as possible in our luxury addiction treatment center in Palmdale, California.

Inpatient Treatment

Through individualized treatment programs you will have counselors, clinical team members and a medical staff walking this road to sobriety with you from beginning to end.


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Featured Staff

The lifeblood of Cycles of Change luxury drug rehab is our staff.
We are fortunate to have a hand-picked group of talented people who truly care about our clients and their well-being.

Georgi Manker Stokes

Admissions Specialist

Karaman Ratte

Outreach Coordinator/Counselor

Jim Tracy, D.D.S.,M.A.

Family Care Consultant

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Healing Location

COC addiction rehabilitation in Palmdale, California has two gender-separate luxury homestyle treatment milieus, providing safety, comfort and function. You’ll find our serene campus to be just the place to restart your life.

Stress-Free Admissions

One phone call begins the process of admitting yourself or your loved one in our program. Because we work closely with insurers, we can verify your benefits quickly, paving the way for our clients to promptly receive the help they need.

Innovative Treatment

COC integrates evidence-based, state-of-the-art clinical methodologies such as Motivational Interviewing, EMDR, CBT, DBT, psychodrama, sociometry and other modern therapies into our 12 step-centered framework and philosophy.

Cycles of Change Recovery Services Las Vegas

CEO Joe Hunter, who has over two decades of sobriety, founded Cycles of Change in 2014 in Palmdale, California. This high-end residential treatment facility offers luxurious gender-specific housing for clients receiving inpatient care.

Hunter is also the founder of Design for Change, which is Cycles of Change’s sister program, located in Lancaster, California. He is a Master’s-level cognitive behaviorist, and a highly regarded 12-step implementer throughout Southern California. In addition, Hunter facilitates the innovative psychodrama workshops, which are part of the treatment program.

The stunning houses resemble Mediterranean villas, particularly the women’s house which is on a private hilltop street and offers a panoramic view of the surrounding Antelope Valley. Both houses feature modern interior décor, sun splashed rooms, and a state of the art kitchen with soft lighting where a private chef prepares gourmet meals for clients three times a day. Each house has an eight-bed capacity.

Cycles of Change provides comprehensive intervention services for families who are looking for assistance in getting a loved one into treatment. They now have a satellite office to accommodate residents living in Las Vegas and surrounding areas as well. Intervention specialists are on hand to alleviate the stress and anxiety that some families might feel when trying to help a relative who is suffering from alcoholism and/or substance addiction. The intervention involves a team including the family, close friends and the intervention specialist who facilitates every step of the way from pre-registering the addict at Cycles of Change, assisting in picking appropriate team members and guiding the team members throughout the process. Interventions are helpful when an addict or alcoholic is in denial about their addiction. They save lives, and at Cycles of Change, trained specialists ensure that the procedure runs smoothly and safely.

Prior to admittance, clients are thoroughly assessed to see if they require detox or if they can be admitted readily into residential treatment. Those seeking outpatient programs can discuss other options like attending a partial hospitalization program (PHP), which provides comprehensive care during the day, thus allowing clients to go home during the evenings. Partial hospitalization is not offered through the Las Vegas office at this time.

The sub-acute detox facility is located in Quartz Hill, a picturesque neighborhood where a passerby might see a horse or two grazing inside a backyard. Quartz Hill is a high-end neighborhood, and evokes feelings of serenity.

The sub-acute detox facility accommodates only six clients at a time, so that each individual receives proper care and individualized attention. Medication-assisted treatment is utilized including Librium and suboxone to ease dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Those with critical withdrawal signs are referred to nearby medical facilities.

Depending on the person, and various factors, detox is between two days and two weeks. Besides the medication assisted treatment, the detox program operates off the social model which means that clients participate in counseling, and are assessed to see if they have any other underlying issues, like co-occurring disorders, which often go hand in hand with substance addiction.

Additionally, a client undergoing detox is monitored around the clock by a compassionate detox treatment team, which includes medical and licensed professionals. Families are allowed to be part of the procedure, providing that their participation will be advantageous to the client’s healing process.

The residential treatment program is between 30 and 90 days. Length of stay varies per client. The program includes four daily group sessions Mondays through Fridays, individual therapy, and alternative offerings including Bio-sound therapy, and psychodrama. Transportation to the treatment facilities in Palmdale can be arranged for individuals living in Las Vegas.

Cycles of Changes uses an evidence based practice, which includes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectic behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

There is also a 12-step approach here. During group therapy, residents participate in Big Book studies, work on their steps, and are transported, as a group, to 12-step meetings in the local area. Other group topics include life skills, relapse prevention and relapse triggers.

Bio-sound therapy is done on an individual basis. This amazing healing process helps client to stop “spinning” or experiencing racing, disturbing thoughts, which is not uncommon, in early recovery. Clients recline on a soothing vibrating leather mattress, and are guided by a special form of music therapy, which they listen to by wearing earphones. After reaching a calm state, the therapy provides an intense guided meditation designed to alleviate feelings of shame, guilt, fear and trauma.

Besides bio-sound therapy, clients participate in psychodrama sessions, which allows them to re-enact real life events that might have contributed to their substance addiction. The reenactment is done by role playing. These sessions are conducted in a safe place, and facilitated by a licensed counselor. By doing psychodrama, residents obtain clarity about their addiction, and learn to heal from feelings of loss, sadness and anger.

Music therapy is offered once a week to some clients, particularly those suffering from mood disorders. Taught by a professional musician who is formerly a substance abuse counselor, clients participate in an environment where they can restore to good health through the powerful benefits of music.

A professional artist teaches art during the summer months. Residents learn the basic principals of painting. By exploring various artistic techniques, they begin to see the artist within.

Fitness is an important part of the program at Cycles of Change. Taught by a certified trainer, who is also a certified nutritionist, residents learn the importance of exercise, and eating properly. Often alcoholics and addicts don’t properly take care of their bodies, and in early recovery, proper nutrition and exercise is vital to maintain life long sobriety.

Clients with co-occurring disorders have the option of seeing a psychiatrist, and receiving medication management. Sometimes in early recovery, certain non-addictive medications, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) can prove helpful in alleviating feelings of depression and anxiety, which can surface in early recovery.

Cycles of Change provides comprehensive aftercare when clients graduate from the program. This allows them to stay connected to the rehab, as they begin the wonderful and life affirming journey of recovery.

The rehab also offers sober living, and a satellite facility in Las Vegas where services and transportation to the treatment facilities can be arranged.

And lastly, at Cycles of Change, residents make new sober friends, who are walking down a similar path. Counselors are always present to lend an ear or offer support. Sometimes Hunter is on the premises, providing his wisdom and guidance to clients who just need to talk or who are feeling a little anxious and unsure.

This beautiful rehab allows men and women to get in touch with their spiritual core, while they begin to heal from the damages of substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Besides receiving innovative and evidence-based care, clients can connect with a Higher Power. They will realize that recovery is an amazing journey, and that they never have to drink or use again.

Cycles of Change Recovery Services Las Vegas

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Accreditations & Memberships

Cycles of Change Recovery is accredited by The Joint Commission. Behavioral Health Home Certification Behavioral Health Home Certification recognizes organizations that have successfully integrated primary physical and behavioral health care. The optional certification goes above and beyond what is required for accreditation and provides additional recognition.

Since its founding in 1978, The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers has stood at the forefront of the addiction treatment field, speaking with a clear and unified voice on behalf of its 300 member organizations. Those organizations consist of over 600 treatment facilities which set the standard for quality, caring therapeutic services for men and women, young and old, suffering from addictive diseases. NAATP has a long history of advocating for fair and equal legal recognition of the services its member organizations provide, with the same fair and equal reimbursement benefits for the patients served by its members.